About us

We share a passion for quality and precision. This is the hallmark that has set Müller Formenbau apart since 1972 as specialists for prototype and series molds in pressure die-casting. Our company made its name in constructing complex and process-safe precision die-cast molds for the automotive industry – a name it retains to this day. At the core of the company’s success is a highly qualified team of approximately 85 experienced employees, making use of the best technologies and optimization technologies available, as well as on ongoing, continuous quality control program, insuring consistency and integrity of its products.

Extraordinary product ideas are inevitably challenging, especially as they relate to mold construction. We embrace these challenges as opportunities to fulfill and complete the talents we offer as a business community. Thanks to our highly innovative approach, we are able to entertain each specific job request with the confidence that comes with years of experience, all accompanied by a staff possessing positive, creative attitudes. Our mission is to develop and implement solutions best suited to the needs of our customers. We demand only the best from ourselves, and to that end we seek to optimally reward our clients with the best service and products available.

Our customers can rely on our professional expertise and experience. We will advise you throughout the entire process chain -from developing the aluminum parts and die-cast optimizations all the way through to series production. Using state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery, we are capable of producing die-casting dies of up to a mold weight of approximately 60 tons.

With comprehensive customer care in all stages of production as part of our company policy, our customers can be confident that their products will meet their specifications, be of the finest quality, will be delivered punctually and on time, and will be ready for mass production from the date of delivery.